Our Mission

It is our mission to bring relief to physical, mental, and emotional ailments of the body through massage therapy and related services. We pride ourselves on providing the most effective care and support to our clientele.  Our vision is to continually grow the business while maintaining a consistent level of personalized care to our clients.

Our Approach

Our Story

A few years into practicing Massage Therapy Meagan Longdale had a vision of one day owning her very own Massage Clinic. She spent many years working for other owners while behind the scenes building and perfecting her future business. She knew that one day her dream would become a reality, and that finally she would have control in making sure that clientele were provided with nothing but the absolute best of care. After 8 years of practicing Invigorating Massage Incorporated was formed.

Our Story

Personal Story

Meagan Longdale
Founder & CEO of Invigorating Massage Incorporated

My journey into Massage Therapy started in 2010 when I first enrolled into the Massage Therapy program. I started practicing in 2011 and officially graduated from Mount Royal University in 2012. My love for this modality has only since grown and turned into a passion.

My goal not only as a Massage Therapist, but as a business owner is to provide the best possible care to my clientele now and in the future. I take pride in myself and what I do to make sure that each and every massage is the best. This is not only a job, it is my career and I have worked hard to grow it over the years.